Hello out there and welcome. I am the New Disciple.

 Just a little background…I started getting into crypto over a year ago one faithful day in April…Eyes full of wonder and head full of dreams of riches, boats, and all the things you want on boats when you are rich…obviously I mean my family not sure what you were thinking.

It wasn’t long before I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how to read a candlestick chart…I mean red and green obviously means Christmas, Christmas means Santa, Santa means presents, and it was obvious those presents were gains or losses which I assure you it’s the latter eventually for everyone at some point.  

I realized quickly that this was not the golden streets of fable I had been led to believe they were and were more akin to a system where the meek and unwitting were led to financial slaughter. 

So I decided it was time to educate myself and in May of 2020 I began my journey to enlightenment. Hoping with all I had that I would be able to attain the levels sought by people for the entirety of their lives, people I might add with a college degree in such studies.

 I knew this was quite the mountain that I had taken upon myself to climb. 

Did I mention I was naked…ok yeah that isn’t important. 

Anywho, I started pouring over studies, charts, tutorials, and videos. I dedicated 20+ hours a day with little rest for the first month and half determined to reach my goal of divining the path of the price action. 

Did I mention I also was still trading? 

Oh yea and taking care of my infant son all day too so as you can imagine focusing was not a problem as I had made the perfect balanced environment for myself.

 I then continued at about 18 hours a day for the next four months…And I started to notice something…

I was exhausted. 

Not deterred by the weakness of my mortal coil I pressed on. 

I started to realize that my artist background and eye were a benefit in a way I never thought they would be…I started to see that what seemed random, wasn’t. Where others saw no correlation, I saw stark similarities. What I was seeing, I couldn’t believe…it was all fractals! Smaller pieces together became the parts of the whole on larger scales and the more I studied the charts the clearer I saw the complex in a simplistic form. That’s when I fell in love, not with the money, or the trading, but with the endless visual puzzles to solve. I solve those puzzles in ways unlike any other analyst.

I crafted my own methods and theories of analysis. 

A way truly unique and a mystery to those around me. 

At first, I made myself look like an idiot which is totally my style when I first learn something, but slowly I refined my approach and methods and my accuracy increased more and more. 

Anyone will tell you that technical analysis is not an exact science, but I continue working to be more and more exact with each day. I will never be perfect and know that I will not be right every time, no one is… but it is my hope that I can in some way help and benefit you on your journey.

If knowledge I share or charts I publish makes your life even a little easier then I have succeeded in my goal. 

I am excited to have you be a part of my inner circle. 

Please join me on Discord. VIP coming soon.